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Lip Balms For Inspiration

Looking effortless is key in the summer. You want products that enhance that seasonal glow instead of covering it up. Tinted lip balms are an amazing grab-and-go product to have in your summer tote bag, and we’ve picked out a few of our favorites to help you kiss summer “hello” in style.


Usually the word butter is nixed from most summer menus, but Korres Lip Butter is our best bud. This balm—which is available in seven shades—will leave your lips deeply moisturized and kissably soft with an added pop of subtle color to boot. We love Jasmine, a light peach; and Plum, the perfect combo of burgundy and purple. Usually we find ourselves needing to reapply balms every hour or so to keep their color alive, but the shea butter and rice wax in this provides lasting color and hydration so you can stroll the boardwalk without worrying about dull, drab lips.

rms beauty

One of the best ways to pick a lip shade for warmer months is to find a hue that looks like you just ate a fruity popsicle, instead of spending hours primping in front of a mirror. Each pot of color—there are four different shades—is formulated with nutrient-rich Moringa Oil which provides tons of hydration to your lips. Our favorites? Sublime, a soft pink that instantly perks up your lips; and Sacred a cheerful pop of coral.


If you’re looking to add more than just a tint to your lips, then this balm is your go-to. From the brightly-colored orange Shell Shock to the sultry burgundy Arabian Nights, you can soothe your lips while making a summer statement. The line offers a higher pigment and delivers more color in every swipe, so it won’t feel heavy on your pout. The best part is there are ten awesome shades to pick from—so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Anna Sui

We’re sure you know that wearing SPF is insanely important for your body, but have you considered how important it is for your lips? The delicate skin around your pout can burn easily, not to mention develop lines and wrinkles in years to come. Pop a tube of this protective balm in your bag for tinted protection that looks amazing. With SPF 25, it protects your lips from damaging UV rays and keeps your lips healthy and hydrated.

Tips to pull off basic eye

Like many of you, I love eye liner. I love the precision and perfection of a well-drawn cat eye with liquid liner; I love the smudgy bedroom eyes that a pencil can create; I love the wet-looking, deep vinyl look of gel. Rummage through my makeup drawers, and you’ll find 19 eye liners in varying shades of black, brown, navy, white, grey. I have even less-frequently-used eye iners (hot pink! red! turquoise! silver glitter!) in a huge box in my closet.

But for anyone new to makeup, or just starting to experiment, getting the hang of eyeliner can be an exercise in frustration. Do you line just the upper lids? Or the bottom lids, too? What’s a waterline, and how can eyeliner possibly stay there? Do you use a spoon, tape, or just freehand it when you’re trying a cat-eye? Liquid or gel? Powder or pencil? What about a brush? And hey—do you look cool? Do you look crazy? HOW DO YOU KNOW?

Deep breaths, newbies.

If you’re just starting out with eye liner, you only really need one product. And that product is a simple, creamy black waterproof eye liner pencil. Nobody has to get spendy—this Inglot pencil is smooth, water-resistant, and $12.

Or there’s the foolproof Charlotte Tillbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl if you want something with which you can learn how to get a super-smudgy look. Let’s keep things simple and save the liquid- and gel-liners till after you master the pencil.

A rich, emollient black pencil liner can be used in several ways. We’re going to talk about three of the most popular looks right now.


Tightlining is when you (gently!) poke the eye liner between your lashes to make them look fuller and more lush. It looks like you’re not wearing much eye liner—you just look like you naturally have thick, full, darker lashes.

Take your sharpened pencil and carefully, carefully apply liner in between your lashes on your top lid, filling in any spaces and teensy gaps you might see (please do not stab your eyes.) It might take a few times, and you might be going, “UGH is this even worth it?” but trust: tightlining gets a lot faster the more you practice, and your eyelashes will look like they belong to an adorable cartoon kitten.


Waterlining means to line the actual rim of your eyelids—the waterline is the place that your eyeball touches. Waterlining, like tightlining, can help your lashes look full and gorgeous, like you were born with an extra set of lashes inside your lashes. With waterlining, where once you had mascara and maybe some liner on your top lid, you now have subtly deeper, brighter, more intense eyes, and it’s hard for others to put a finger on exactly why. But we know why: it’s waterlining! It’s a technique that took me a long time to warm up to. I just couldn’t get over the idea that I shouldn’t be putting makeup on my waterline, but now I do it all the time!

Use your pointer finger to gently pull your top eyelid up towards your eyebrow. See that strip of smooth flesh under your lashes? That’s where we’re going to put the pencil. Run the pencil very lightly over the waterline, look to see how much color is being deposited, and then do it again to cover any gaps. If you want, you can also do your bottom waterline as well before adding sweeps of mascara. There! Instant subtle drama in just a few sweeps of the pencil!

Cat Eye

Gently pull the outer edge of your eyelid taut. This is to make sure your pencil doesn’t snag on any loose skin; we’re looking for a defined line, not wiggles! Ok: with your sharpened pencil (it’s important to keep your pencils sharpened), start at the inner corner of your eye and line a nice, dark line as close as you can to your lash line, ending at the edge of your eye. Now, to achieve the famous cat eye, draw a dot with your eye liner pencil where you want the pointed flick to end. (If you’re trying this for the first time, don’t go super dramatic and have the flick end drawn wayyyyy out on your eye.) Then just connect your liner to the already-drawn dot, ending with a point!

Keep in mind: the cat eye takes a little time to master, and there is no shame in keeping a Q-tip moistened with makeup remover on hand to buff away any lil’ mistakes.

The best highlighter for you

The days are finally getting longer, and celebrating Spring is easier when you have a good highlighter to keep you looking luminous under the sun. Safe to say, Glow Up by Ellis Faas is quickly becoming our new favorite formula.

What makes this highlighter stand out? The three shimmering shades incorporate micronization technology. This means the reflective minerals that make up the formula have been broken down as small as possible to create a smooth and natural-looking finish with no disco glitter trailing off. The oil-free pressed powder also contains vitamin E which, when applied, can boost the production of natural vitamin E from your own skin.

The three peach-toned shades vary from a fair-shaded Porcelain (S501) to sun-kissed Satin (S502) to cocoa-colored Deep Glow (S503). Highly versatile, each tone can blend in or create a more dramatic look on a variety of skin tones. Why not create a summery bronze glow on fair skin with the satin shade? Or use the Porcelain Glow to highlight a dramatic contour look on a dark complexion? The shimmers can also create a standout shadow look when applied over an eye primer.

If you’re looking for a quick fix for a dull post-winter complexion, we’re betting on this being your new best bud.

How to use mascara

In his ongoing series, James Vincent shows us how to get the best products, right from the start! Even if you’re new to makeup, these tips will help you pick the best formula for you to help you achieve the look you want.

Mascara may be the most universal beauty tool. It’s easy to apply and has an immediately noticeable effect. Even people who don’t consider themselves makeup-wearers tend to use it. Mascara enhances the shape of the eye and makes it look larger by defining the lashes. The market is full of mascaras claiming to have volumizing, thickening, lengthening and fortifying formulas. Every mascara has some benefits—but how do you know which is right for you?

When it comes to choosing the right mascara, consider both the brush and the formulation. Both are equally important to give you the lash you long for.

Brush Shape

Brush shape will determine where the mascara hits your lash. To achieve volume and thickness, most brushes need to be fuller, thicker and have more bristles. Curling mascaras tend to have a curved wand to help lift the lash. For lengthening mascara, most brands will provide a wand that is straight and narrow that looks more like a comb than the traditional brush. The more space there is between the bristles, the better the brush will be at separating and defining your eyelashes.

Mascara Formulas

Lengthening Mascara

If you love extra long lashes that hit the sides of your sunglasses, you will want to find mascara with a lengthening formula. Lengthening mascaras tend to have ingredients like fibers that can attach themselves to your own lash for a longer look. They tend to have a formulation that you can layer up without clumping and they work well for someone with shorter lashes.

Beautylish recommends: Charlotte Tilbury, Full Fat Lashes | shop it

Thickening Mascara

Thickening mascara will add volume and weight to the lash. They tend to be a more dense formula and may contain silicone polymers or wax that makes your lashes look fuller. With a thickening mascara you want to apply liberally, but wipe the brush with a tissue to remove excess mascara between coats. Focus a thickening mascara at the area of the lash you want to accentuate. Apply it to the center of the eye for a more open eye and at the corner for more lift or for cat eye looks.

Curling mascara traditionally contains polymers and resins to help your lash hold the curl temporarily. With a curling mascara you want to get the most amount of product at the root to allow it to take shape.

Beautylish recommends: Anna Sui, Curl & Volume Mascara | shop it

As a makeup artist I find my favorite trick is to combine a lengthening and thickening mascara to achieve the best results. I start with a clean lash and curl it with an eyelash curler (my must have is the Billy B lash curler.) Next I add lengthening mascara from root to tip of the lash. I then apply thickening mascara by weaving it through the lashes from root to tip. I wipe off the wand and use the tip of the wand to add an extra coat where I want drama and focus. I finish by using the tip of the wand to apply to the bottom lashes.

Health note: Mascara should never be shared. Used wands contain bacteria which spread throughout the tube once the wand is inserted back inside. If you want to test mascara in a store, be sure to get tester wands from a salesperson. Never apply mascara from a tester tube using the wand on the display.

How to choose the right foundation

Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and instantly change the color of all my favorite things to whatever shade suited me most. While I can’t alter the colors of my best dresses, or re-tint my yummiest lipstick to suit my mood, Cover FX has now made it possible to turn almost any skin product into a custom foundation.

No it isn’t witch craft, and it doesn’t even require a visit to a makeup mixology counter. Cover FX’s new Custom Cover Drops are pure liquid pigments available in 25 blendable shades designed specifically to mix with any water, oil, or silicone-based liquid or cream formulas. This means that most of the daily pre-foundation products you use can be converted to foundation while you still reap their benefits. Likewise, Custom Cover Drops can also be added to your coverup products to boost their strength, even out their hue, and extend their life.

How it works: Each drop of Custom Cover increases the coverage of your carrier product so experiment until you find the right blend. A pigmented foundation will require fewer drops than a sheer moisturizer. The actual color pigments present in Custom Cover Drops are coated in lecithin which is a moisture-rich substance found naturally in our cells. This allows the pigment to not only adhere to our skin, but leave it feeling soft, and never dry. Because the pigment is made up of similar oils as those found in our skin, it doesn’t interfere with carrier products such as lotions, oils, and creams.

But is there anything Custom Cover Drops can’t mix with? Most skin products are water, oil, or silicon based, which means unless you’re attempting to blend with a powder, you can bet you’ll yield good results.

Need ideas? Look below. We experimented with just about everything we could think of!


Who needs to buy a tinted moisturizer when you can create your own! Blend a portion of your favorite face lotion with a few drops of Custom Cover Drops before applying for a lightweight formula that evens out skintone while hydrating. Need more coverage? Try increasing the amount of Custom Cover Drops before applying moisturizer to problem areas.


If the lightest coverage is something you’ve yet to find in foundation, Custom Cover Drops can help. Add a few to bring pigment to something as simple as a facial serum. You’ll still absorb all the benefits of the formula but your skin tone will appear more even and extra radiant.

BB Cream

Mix Custom Cover Drops right into your go to bb cream to more accurately match the shade to your skin—hello customizable coverage boost!


Most pore refining facial primers are non-pigmented, but we can change that. A few drops can make any primer double as both your makeup base and your base makeup. A perfect oil-reducing option for warmer weather, we found this to create especially silky results.

Facial Oil

If your battle with dry skin has you shying away from tinted facial products, fear not. Custom Cover Drops can even be added to facial and body oil for a cover-up option that has you glowing, not flaking. Try mixing a shade deeper for an arm and leg bronzing effect.


Love your foundation formula but need more coverage in certain areas? Add a couple drops to strengthen your cover-up game, or simply personalize the shade. As a bonus, adding pigment will actually lengthen the life of your favorite face makeup, making a tube last up to ⅓ longer.


So many concealer options only come in a few dozen colors. A drop of Custom Cover can bring a light shade closer to your skin tone, and even increase the pigment in your product. Plus the liquid base of Custom Cover Drops will create a creamier consistency.

Body Lotion

Big night out and too hot for stockings? Blend a good amount of Custom Color Drops directly into your favorite body lotion and watch it change to the creamiest foundation you’ve ever seen. You’ll be getting the hydration and fragrance you love, with a non-obvious color mask to hide light discoloration, shave marks, or even boost a tan.