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Concealer Basics That You Need

Concealer is everybody’s friend. We’ve yet to meet a person who couldn’t benefit from a dab here and there. It brightens up the complexion and targets discoloration more effectively than foundation. Here are some of the top spots we cover up daily.

Under The Eyes

Even the most even complexion can feature discoloration under the eyes—a result of anything from lack of sleep to genetics. Dabbing a concealer one shade lighter than your skintone under and around your eyes will add a lifted effect to the area, making you look awake and refreshed. Try a creamy option such as Inglot Cosmetics Cream Concealer.

Around The Nose

A must for those on the go. The area around our nostrils tends to redden from element exposure and nose-blowing from seasonal allergies—all of which can make our schnoz appear larger than it really is. Using concealer to match your skin tone on a well moisturized nose will keep you from looking like a circus clown through pollen season. Try a full-coverage concealer with a built-in brush, like BY TERRY Touche Veloutée, for easy on-the-go touchups.

On And Around The Mouth

Make your lip shape pop by priming around your mouth with a creamy concealer such as ILIA Vivid Concealer—an all-natural option. Evening out skin tone around the lips will create a more defined lip line once you scribble on that lippie in fire engine red or perfect plum. Is your lipstick not bright enough? Pat a bit of concealer over your lips before applying a sheer color to up the brightness factor from beneath.

Over Blemishes

Concealer is acne-prone skin’s best friend. Where heavy foundations lend an unwanted chalky look to the whole face, applying concealer liberally to sporadic spots and splotches is a great way to cover up what you don’t want to show, while letting the clear areas of your face still go bare. We love a pencil option such as this one fromNudestix Concealer Pencil to target red spots with no mess. Tip: set with powder to blend spot coverage and even out texture between covered and uncovered areas, and you’re good to go.

Tips To Curl Your Lashe

images-35As a boy, I always took my mom’s lash curler from her vanity and curled my own lashes. One of the reasons I fell in love with makeup was because of that curler. I always got caught using it, but I didn’t care. I loved the way it made my young gay eyes look.

Now that I am a professional makeup artist, I still appreciate it. Curling the eyelashes is one of those parts of a makeup application that never gets much credit but can produce remarkable results when done correctly. With a proper curl, lashes look longer, thicker, fuller, and the eyes themselves appear larger and more awake.

Every artist has their own method, but here is my technique how to curl lashes for easy lash curling on a client or yourself—time-tested from years of experience.

Hold the curler the way you normally hold a pair of scissors. If you’re using the curler on a client, be sure to sanitize the entire tool, strip included.

Open the curler completely and bring it to the upper lashes, making sure to get the strip right up to the root of the eyelashes. Check to see that you have all of the lashes inside the curler. Place the tool upright, so the curve faces out.

Close the curler carefully on the lashes and squeeze lightly, with a soft, pulsing grip.

Now turn the curler upwards so that the curve of the curler lines up with the curve of your eyelid’s crease. This is the pro secret. It will give you curl, rather than a crimp effect.

Squeeze the curler handles in small pulses with light pressure, holding the tool in place for several seconds without blinking.

Walk the curler up from the root of the lash all the way to the tip, pressing and pulsing over the eyelash with the same pressure, until you reach the end.

Open the eyelash curler and examine the perfect pro curl. Repeat if necessary to define your lashes before applying makeup. Then, of course, do the other eye!

A lot of artists have their favorite lash curlers, myself include. The Shiseido and Shu Uemura are probably the two most popular with professionals. I do love them, but find they work better for flatter, less curved eye shapes.

For rounder eyes (the more common, universal shape), my two personal favorites are the Billy B Beauty Eyelash Curler and The Eyelash Curler from Kevyn Aucoin. Billy B’s is the ideal shape and size for most every eye and provides excellent pressure for perfect curl. The late makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin designed the Shu Uemura curler and felt it was not as universal as he wanted it to be. So he created his own, which is wider and allows for one of the closest, most precise curls I have ever seen.

Now you know my secrets for how to curl lashes. Don’t be afraid of the pinch. Just jump in and get those gorgeous lashes fluttering.

The newest one of eye cat for make up

Now that you’ve mastered classic winged eyeliner (aka cat eye), it’s time to take it up a notch with the bat wing! The name may sound goth or like something you’d do only for a Halloween costume, but the bat wing is a bold yet truly classy look. It’s similar to a cat eye, but the end of the wing goes further up to the brow bone, and is noticeably heavier, with a distinct shape, resembling—you guessed it—a bat’s wing. Try it on a special night out when you feel like adding that extra wow factor, or basically any time you want to summon an air of retro-glam sophistication a la Dita Von Teese. Follow along: all you need is your favorite gel or liquid liner and a makeup brush.

Supplies list

1: Start with a clean lid, then dip your brush in the eyeliner. Find your brow bone, and draw a line, right under it, following its natural curve, to the outer corner of your eye, as pictured.

2: Hugging the lash line, starting about midway across the eye, draw a diagonal line connecting to the end of the one you drew in step 1 to create a point. This starts off your “bat wing” shape.

3: Then draw a line from the open end of the line you made in step 1 down and across the lashline (as pictured) all the way to the inner corner. Then fill in the shape, so it’s solid black.

Cult Favorite Anti Aging Cream

If you’re a fan of Sisleÿa, the breakthrough anti-aging line beloved by beauty connoisseurs around the world, we’ve got big news for you. Sisley-Paris, the French luxury brand known for their plant-based skin care formulations, has debuted a new foundation that combines the tried-and-true anti-aging technology of Sisleÿa with lightweight, luminous coverage that looks and feels like real skin.

Sisleÿa Le Teint targets the skin at two levels to bring out a radiant, youthful complexion: instantly and over time. When first applied, Le Teint immediately blurs imperfections, evens skin tone, and imparts a natural, soft-focus glow with light-diffusing mica and hectorite. It feels noticeably weightless on the skin with a long-lasting, satin-like finish that’s never cakey or heavy.

With regular use, Sisleÿa Le Teint works like the most effective anti-aging cream you’ve ever used. Powered by the same botanical complex used in other Sisleÿa products, it targets the three types of aging (environmental, genetic, and behavioral) to visibly smooth, firm, and plump skin throughout the day. Think fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, increased radiance, and bouncier, more youthful skin. A foundation that does more than just make our skin look flawless? Sign us up.

A Glittery Life’s Trisha W. took Sisleÿa Le Teint out for a spin and loved how it covered redness and imperfections while still feeling light and breathable.

To see more before-and-after photos featuring Beauty Professor and TrendMood, check out our Sisleÿa Le Teint page. If you need help choosing a shade or want to learn more about this foundation, schedule a personalized consultation with one of our beauty advisors.

How to choose the right of contour kits

You may not know it, but on some level, all makeup applications involve contouring. Sure, the technique can seem intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple. The idea is that you’re using specific makeup to help enhance your natural features—that’s really it. (For detailed tips, read this guide on how to learn to contour.) The good news is, you don’t need a lot of product to get subtle definition. With a little bit of practice and the right tools at hand, you’ll be ready to contour in confidence. Here are some of our favorite kits that’ll help you get the job done!

RCMA Makeup Highlight and Contouring Palette

If you’re not familiar with RCMA, the one thing you need to know about the brand is that the products—designed for pros—are probably unlike anything you’ve used before. That is, they’re super pigmented, so a little (seriously a little!) goes a long way. This five-color foundation palette has a wide range of shades, so pretty much anyone will be able to custom-blend ideal contour and highlight shades. (For more info on how to use RCMA’s foundations, read this.)

Anastasia Contour Palette

The Anastasia Contour Kit became an instant cult favorite the day it released, and for good reason. The Contour Kit provides a range of colors that, when combined in different ways, give you a variety of looks that range from the simple to the dramatic. It’s great for pros and beginners alike, and gives you all the shades you need in one slim package. The contour colors range from cool to warm. The highlight colors offer a matte pink undertone, a matte yellow undertone and a soft highlight shimmer that has an ever-so-slight pinkish tone. Whether you’re new to contouring or have been doing it for years, this palette is both comprehensive and fun to use.

Too Faced Natural Face Palette

Out of the four, this palette is probably the best bet for people who are new to contouring. It has everything you could possibly want or need to create a pretty, subtle contoured look. Inside are six essentials—luminizer, brightener, concealer, cream and powder blushes, and bronzer. And the how-to guides included in the kit guide you step-by-step instructions for different looks.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

This bronzer-highlighter duo isn’t just gorgeous to look at—it’s one of our all-time favorite contouring kits. Why? The intensely pigmented, smooth-as-silk formulas work on any skin tone. The bronzer isn’t too red or orange, it’s just right, and the highlighter gives a beautiful, soft glow. In the compact, the product looks shimmery, but once it goes on the skin, it has the most beautiful pearlescent finish. For the ultimate application, try it with the Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush.

Tips to Use Concealer

Concealer is that beauty essential that can brighten up a face, cover up blemishes and minimize under-eye circles and discoloration. It also tends to be one of the first categories of makeup that people buy—but choosing the correct shade or formula can also be a bit stressful.

Let’s make it easier. Here are a few tricks to get the right product for you.


You can camouflage an imperfection with concealer before layering a fuller coverage product onto the skin. But if you are not subtle with it, the concealer can feel heavy and look cakey. How do you prevent this? Apply foundation first to see how much of the dark circles, blemishes and spots that the foundation can cover on its own. Then, if you need more coverage, go back in with a thin layer of concealer directly on the area. You will be amazed at how little product you actually need.


When choosing under-eye concealer, choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. You always want your foundation to match the skin but with concealer a shade lighter will help give a lifting effect. A big mistake many people make is choosing the wrong shade.


When trying to hide puffiness under the eyes, you must remember that make up does not hide texture. You can’t completely cover up puffiness. But, you can use concealer to make it less noticeable. My favorite method is to use a luminizing pen concealer that has a highlighting property, and then apply this only where you see puffiness. The liquid formula is easy to use and adds lift and light. Once applied, use your ring finger to softly tap the highlighter into the crease to give the effect of perfectly smooth skin.

Beautylish recommends: BY TERRY Touch-Expert Advanced Multi-corrective Concealer Brush | shop it


When deciding what product to purchase for concealing, dark spots need something that is close to the shade of your foundation. To eradicate the dark pigment, I suggest the fuller coverage of a cream concealer. Cream concealer has a fuller texture but will need to be set with powder so it will last longer. I recommend applying the concealer with a soft shadow brush only where there is darkness, and then setting it with an invisible powder.

Beautylish recommends: OCC SKIN: Conceal and OCC Brush #008 Small Shader Brush


Most blemishes tend to have a hint of red discoloration. They also have texture and are raised from the skin. My preference for blemish concealer is to use a camouflage pencil directly on the blemish and on the surrounding area. Then use your ring finger to blend it in. Set with powder, and you are good to go.