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Easy step to Tightline Eyes

Tightlining your eyes (also known as “invisible eye liner”) is a great way to add subtle definition to your peepers. Most people think that the point of tightlining is to make your eyes look bigger, but according to Los Angeles-based makeup artist,Jason Sanchez “it’s to make your eyelashes appear thicker and fuller.” Instead of lining the skin above your lashes, you line the inside of the upper lash line and in between the roots of the lashes. As you can see in the picture below, filling in the inside of the lash line really creates an illusion of fuller lashes, more so than just with a mascara. This technique can be used for any casual or formal occasion, and is pretty easy to master. “For best results,” says Sanchez, “use a kohl eyeliner because it’s specifically formulated to hold in the wet area of the eye.” Sanchez walked us through each step, so grab an eyeliner and follow along!

Before You Start

Make sure any product you use near your eye is clean. Not sure how to sanitize your eye liners? Check out this article

Step 1:

Using clean fingers, gently lift your lashes upward. You’ll see tiny gaps between your lash hairs, which you’ll be filling in with eyeliner.

Step 2:

Using your eyeliner (we used Inglot Cosmetics Kohl Pencil), lightly dab it in between each individual lash and get as close to the root as possible.

Step 3:

Technically you’re done, but if you’d like to intensify the look even more, you can tightline your bottom lash line, too. Gently lift lower lashes downwards, and fill in the gaps between each lash.

Why you need to stock beauty essentials

I used to travel for a living. Not kidding—for two very recent years of my life, I traveled to a different city in North America every day, living out of hotel rooms and getting on a plane at least three times a week, sometimes more than five times a week.

There are good sides and bad sides to all that travel. The good: racking up insane frequent flier mileage, having a new hotel room to mess up every night, seeing new places, and casually dropping in on an old friend who now lives in Tucson. The bad: never, ever getting to cook a real meal, cancelled flights, navigating a rental car through a blizzard in Fishkill, New York, and living out of a suitcase. Permanently.

But you know what living out of a suitcase made me super insanely good at? Packing. I’m a militant monster when it comes to traveling light, and keeping a makeup flight kit always packed and ready can save you a ton of time, not to mention stress. You know—a little bag, stocked with essentials, that you can throw into a bigger bag whenever—whether for an overnight at your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s place, a weekend getaway, or a full-on vacay. It’s ultimately up to you what you put in your flight bag, but these ten must-haves are seriously handy. Grab everything you need and let’s blow this joint!

1: The bag itself: It’s always a good idea to just go with what’s universally approved at the airport: a plastic, 1-quart zip-close plastic baggie. All those gift-with-purchase quilted satin bags from the makeup counter are nice to look at, but guess what else they are? Opaque. We’re going for efficiency, ease, and speed, and you need something you can see through that’s also spill-and-leak-proof. Airport security does not need to open and examine a regulation-size plastic bag full of toiletries—they can immediately tell: it’s just toiletries. (Editor’s note: Sonia Kashuk makes small bags in tons of cute patterns that open up to two TSA-friendly zippered clear compartments, which keep toiletries organized and easy to see through security.)

2: Teeny-tiny bar of face soap. Or a small refillable squeeze bottle of your face cleanser.

3: Small facial moisturizer. I like Indie Lee Squalane Facial Cream for its easy-to-pack 1-ounce jar and skin-brightening benefits.

4: Travel-size shampoo and conditioner. Beautylish writer Jorie Larsen suggests swiping the free ones during a hotel stay to use for future travels. And who hasn’t done that?!

5: Concealer/foundation product. Two-in-one! Traveling is made for multiple-function products, like Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer.